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Only One Traditional Massage, Reflexology and Academy Centre was established in 2005 by the Qi Gong Master Eric Lim Wah Keong to provide a Drug Free and Non-Surgical Alternative Treatment (Pain Free Treatment Therapy) in treating ailments, body pains, sports injuries and spinal problems.

Master Eric Lim practices Qi Gong and Qi Gong Therapy way back since 1972. He provides treatments to his patients by applying acupressure and Qi Qong energy (emission of qi /energy) when massaging them .With the right approach, techniques and corrective therapy treatment, it is well proven that his patients has been CURED.

Patients will start to Enjoy Living and Stop Suffering!!! Bye Bye the Pain!

In Only One Traditional Massage, Reflexology and Academy Centre, Master Eric Lim teaches Qi Gong, Qi Gong Therapy, Traditional Massage, Reflexology, Treatment Massage to beginners. He also teaches Fine Tuning and Accurative Touch to experience masseurs for their further improvement and advancement in their profession. Master Eric Lim¡¯s students will possess the Master¡¯s Touch and become Professional Health Practitioner.

Similarly, for patients who seek Master Eric Lim¡¯s treatment, they are able to learn, understand and manage their underlying health problems as the Master teaches them the following:-

Maintenance Therapy, for Patients who has been suffering from Chronic and Non Chronic body Pains or Discomforts.

*Corrective therapy

*Postural correction




A drug free & non surgical alternatives..."Bye Bye d Pain"...Stop Suffering & Start Living...

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